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Federal litigation is complex, time consuming -- and, for the litigants, expensive.


An aggregate lawsuit provides an avenue for those who have suffered a procedural injury to seek redress in court by combining their claims with the claims of other similarly situated persons. An aggregate lawsuit makes high-priced litigation economically feasible. 

A class action lawsuit is one form of aggregate litigation in which a few representative parties prosecute legal claims on behalf of absent class members. Not all claims, however, are suitable for class treatment, and recent legal precedent has limited the use of nationwide injunctions and vacatur, in so doing eroding the viability of class actions as a procedural mechanism to vindicate collective rights. 

LOLRG's aggregate litigation is based on the traditional principle of claim aggregation. The named plaintiffs, and only the named plaintiffs, may benefit from any remedy at the conclusion of the case. The legal fees are fixed at the outset of the litigation and represent a small fraction of the fees that an individual plaintiff would pay to litigate the same non-aggregated claims.

Of course, the realities of aggregate litigation demand that attorney-client communication be managed differently than in individual representation. Do not anticipate one-on-one conversations with counsel. That said, we have always dedicated ourselves to superior communication with our clients, and this applies in the context of aggregate litigation as well. 


Named plaintiffs have their own members-only portal on this website where we provide regular updates, share legal documents, and hold scheduled chats. The LOLRG Litigation App allows for updates, discussions, and group chats on the go. We also hold zoom calls to discuss case developments, and named plaintiffs are always welcome to ask questions of the lead counsel.

Now, if you've participated in one of our zoom calls you know that our named plaintiffs are also treated to occasional impromptu briefings from the feline members of our legal team. For those who have asked for a better look at those orange and white blurs, enjoy the photos.


If you'd like to learn more about the other work we do visit our main website:

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