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to LOLRG's aggregate litigation website. Here you'll find information about our lawsuits, the client-only portal for keeping up to date on case developments, and scheduled events.


problem consulates litigation



If you meet our eligibility requirements you now have the opportunity to join LOLRG's pending Problem Consulates case as an additional plaintiff.


problem consulates litigation


This litigation will challenge the Government's rules and practices at a new set of consulates that have limited the opportunity for meaningful participation in the DV 2021 program.


regulatory challenge litigation

This litigation will challenge the Government's failure to provide reasonable accommodations to DV2021 selectees during the global pandemic.

scheduled EVENTS

  • LOLRG Regulatory Challenge and P.C. 2.0 ZOOM Call
    Jun 17, 9:00 AM PDT
    Zoom Call
    Join Nicolette Glazer for a pre-filing zoom call for the Problem Consulates and Regulatory Challenge lawsuits.
  • Gjoci v DOS litigation ZOOM Call
    Jun 17, 11:00 AM PDT
    ZOOM Call
    Join us for updates on the litigation and more

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